Welcome to Martin's blog!

This is my personal website for random crap I made. It's written in C++20 and uses the latest version of the Drogon web framework. It also doubles as a Gemini server.

As you might guessed - I don't excel at frontend development so this site is as barebones as it gets. However I'm a privacy advocate. So you can also reach this site via Tor and the onion address. This way, I can't know who is reading what. I also designed this site to be close to 100% functional even with JavaScript banned. Nor did I uses any content from a CDN. I take your privacy seriously.

Nerd talk

Besides of being my blog. This website serves as an experimental platform for me to use and test my systems and security and skills. The server is deployed on my HoneyComb LX2K ARM workstatoin with serious security measures. So you might see some down time. Likely be me updating stuff or my ISP reassigning my IP address. Also there's no k8s or docker.

Even with the plethora of security measures, the backend is still more than 20x the speed of vallina NodeJS on single thread. And it can scale almost linearly with core count.

Compiler: GNU C++ version 12.1.0
Hardning: llunveil, hardened_malloc, systemd protections, user isloation, stack protection, etc..
Server: drogon 1.9.2

If you like what I'm doing. You can support me through my Monero address

Author's profile. Photo taken in VRChat by my friend Tast+
Martin Chang
Systems software, HPC, GPGPU and AI. I mostly write stupid C++ code. Sometimes does AI research. Chronic VRChat addict

I run TLGS, a major search engine on Gemini. Used by Buran by default.

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