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Some services that I run for fun and you can use right away, free of charge of course! Some of them are not available over regular web browers. Rest be assured they are used by the respective community.

TLGS - Totally Legit Gemini Search

TLGS over Gemini Proxy

Totally Legit Gemini Search is an experimental and scalable search engine for contents served over the Gemini protocol. Written in the latest C++20 standard, the code base is almost totally lock free and scales well from a few cores to massive core counts. The crawler is also as efficent as possible, capable of more than 200 pages per second on 2 slow VPS cores.

The search engine runs on SALSA, a ranking algorithm designed for the early internet. The SALSA implementation in TLGS follows data oriented design patterns. Which make SIMD optimization easy. Providing free 10% overall speedup (that's including database query time!). I wrote most of the supporting library. Including dremimi and spartoi a pair of Gemini and Spartan (small internel) server plugin for the Drogon web framework that I also maintain.

Drogon framework's official site

Drogon web framework's official website! Written in C++20 and using the latest version of the Drogon web framework, this site services a reference of how to use drogon in production enviroment.

Stuff I run

Jami/OpenDHT nodes

Jami node running in terminal

I run a small number of Jami nodes. They are used for peer-to-peer communications. In background they use OpenDHT for communication. The extra nodes keeps my accounts in sync even all my computers and devices are offline. Furthermore, they prevents attacker from pulling sybil attacks or sniffing data off the DHT.

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Martin Chang
Systems software, HPC, GPGPU and AI. I mostly write stupid C++ code. Sometimes does AI research. Chronic VRChat addict

I run TLGS, a major search engine on Gemini. Used by Buran by default.

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