A CryptoPunk's Dream

This is my dream. I perfered to be called a CryptoPunk. But CyberPunk will do.

Everyone is just a number. That's no a bad thing. No longer we sign contracts and leagal documents with our name. We sign them with private key(s) that we own. Our identities are no longer bounded to ours names. Now we are the sum of the keys we have. Putting our names on stuff is stupid anyways. Like there's something magical that'll stop people from forging and stealing our names and identity. Signing with keys, that's some magic - mathematical magic. No signacruews can be forged. We revoke keys when they get compermised. We even put keys on secure tokens to no hacker can clone your keys.

Sure, we still have to deal with stolen keys. But it's MUCH MORE DIFFICULT than stealing a ID card. There's too many things wrong with security in 2022. Medical equipmentssending clear text over the air, Credit Card shopping doesn't require the actual card and 3D-Secure is a joke of providers shifting responsibility. They haven't fail only because of very elaborate hacks and secrecy. I bet suffocated adversary can easily crack these systems once they are deciphered and deobfuscated. And all of them can be secured with some crypto.

With crypto, we have eliminated our trust of people. That's a good thing. No longer we have to trust our ISP to not look at our data. With crypto, we have systems that secures communication data and metadata. No longer anyone can know what and who wea are talking to. No longer goverments are able to spy on it's citizens.

- It should have been like that. The sad reality is that most are willingly sending their data to big tech, the goverment. Why? because they provided conviences before we can. And now dominates the market. This has been a problem of captalism from day 1. Captalism doesn't care about ethics. Nooo. The only metric captalism cares is money... So what? Socalism? No, we shall win their own game. We build. Build some better then they can ever do.

Fellows! This is our frontier. We are the only who can reclame. Make what people have not. Push the boundries of our world. Hack the f-ing planet.

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Martin Chang
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I run TLGS, a major search engine on Gemini. Used by Buran by default.

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