New Public Service: Publically Accessible GNUnet Hostlist

Quick announcement. I'm running a publically accessible GNUnet hostlist at due to me failing to bootstrap 3 new nodes today. I was experimenting and this issue really annoyed me. I don't know what happened with the default one. is down. But is running correctly. That should be enough for nodes to botostrap.

Anyway, for GNUnet users seeing this post, you can point your hostlist daemon to use my server. I understand this is unencrypted HTTP. But a) that should't matter as bad actors will get stopped by GNUnet's crypto anyway and b) I'll fix it later.

Update: I don't think hostlist was the issue. `gnuent-transort -m` was showing some really weird errors. Nodes communicating but then the peer would just drop. I'm not sure what's going on. I'll need to try again from a different network.

How to use it

  • Locate your GNUnet configuration file. It's usually located at ~/.config/gnunet.conf or /etc/gnunet.conf.
  • Add the following lines or modify the existing settings

OPTIONS = -b -e

  • Restart your gnuent daemon. gnunet-arm -r
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