Using llama-cpp-python server with LangChain

Very quick and short one. I was trying to make something with LangChain. I already had a server running LLaMA 2 Chat using llama-cpp-python. It happens to provide a OpenAI like API. There must be a way to abuse the code to make it work with LangChain. Yet half and hour of Googling turned up nothing. So I decided to read the code.

And... it's easy. The openai python package reads a OPENAI_API_BASE environment variable to know where to send the requests. So, just set it to the LLaMA server and you're good to go. Also since llama-cpp-python doesn't to authentication, you can just leave the OPENAI_API_KEY to be antyhing. As long as it makes the Python package happy.


Using llama-cpp-python server with LangChain
Image: Using llama-cpp-python server with LangChain

That's all. Hope this helped someone searching and can't find anything.

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