Be aware of Energy Transition doom proficy

So, I came across this Simon Michaux guy on YouTube yesterday. He is a geologist and claims that the energy transition is doomed to fail because of the lack of (rare earth) metals. Off by multiple orders of magnitude. His presentation was convinvcing to me at first. WHile I have some but very limiteds knowledge about engineering the power gird. Howerver, upon firther research. I found that his BIG claims are just wrong.

The blogger goes by "Eclipse Now" did a good job of debunking his claims. I will link to his blog post below. I will not link to the video inorder to not boost YouTube's algorithm. But they are easy to find.

In short, Simon's speech style basically tries to spill as much fact as possible in a short time. He does not give you time to think about what he is saying - The information density is even higher then Theo de Raadt's (creator of OpenBSD) talks. Which I know some IT professional already have a hard time following - and his audiences are NOT eletrical engineers or geologists. These are ordinary people who knows next to nothing about the topic. Even I, with several courses in circuit theory and basic electrical engineering, can't tell if he is right or wrong. At most I'm skeptical.

He also ignores technologies that are not just on the horizon, but actively rising into the mass market. Cites old data that no longer is true. Cites data where the source says "may be overestimated" as if it was a fact. Ignores the fact that most humans live around the equator (Indian and China). Assumes an 12 week battery charge backup to sustain the grid. And so on. Which may not be obvious to the average person.

Anyway, if you found his work. Ignore it as the plague. It is not worth even a second of your time. Not saying that the energy transition is easy or cheap. But it is more then possible. And we have to do it, no matter what, eventually.

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