Slides for porting Piper to RK3588 at local meetup

I'm invited to give a talk about porting Piper to RK3588 at local group. The talk is given in Chinese. But I've translated the slides into English. And both version are available at the end of this post. For reference, the slides are about a previous post of mine.

There will not be any video recording of the talk unfortunately. The talk is geared towards non-technical audience, mostly managers and people generally interested in AI. So I've kept everything high level and avoided technical details. Try not to be disappointed if you are looking for them. None will be found.

Slides are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 or GPLv3, whichever you prefer. There is one image that is used under fair use. I've marked it clearly. Feel free to take slides if you need any of them.

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