Learning the joy of buying outfits

I've been a advocate to reduce consumption to the absolutly minimum ever since I started considering climate change a crysis that needs addressing immidiatelly. I didn't get why people can buy so much clothing that their closets are full of clothes they never wear. But a order I made half a year ago gave me a new perspective. Though it makes no difference to the environment impace and my position.

I am a VRChat player. And I used to not care about what I wore. I've been wearing whatever I have and replacing woren out clothes with what I can find in the local market. 6 months ago, I ordered a hoodie by the author of Rusk, a popular avatar used in game, with the same design. It was becasue one of my friends wanted one so I decided to order one for myself as well. It's cute AF. And a good collection. It took quite a long time to arrive. But once I wore it. I felt different. Like I bought something personal for myself.

Here's the picture of the character. And the delivered hoodie.

Rusk, copied form the author's booth page
Image: Rusk, copied form the author's booth page
The hoodie I ordered, me wearing it
Image: The hoodie I ordered, me wearing it

Reasoning tells me that it doesn't matter, it's just a hoodie. But personally, I felt I bought something I really loved. Both a symbol of my hobby and a unique item in my clothet with no other like it.

I think I understand why people buy clothes now. It's not just about the need to wear something. It's equally about the joy of buying something you love. Though this doesn't change my stence on consumption and fast fashion. No one needs five dozens of outfits. Nor is buying new clothes every week or even month a good idea. Just the money spent! Not to mention the environmental impact.

I buy clothes very rarely. I think this is what people should strive for. High quality clothes that last long and are loved. Not just buying something because it's cheap or because it's the latest trend.

Author's profile. Photo taken in VRChat by my friend Tast+
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