Just me or GTC 2024 feels like cyberpunk dystopia

I watched the GTC 2024 keynote and I was like. Gosh.. really.. this sounds so .. wrong!

DISCLAIMER: I work at Nvidia. I'm not speaking on behalf of Nvidia. I just need to vent.

You can watch the short 16 minutes version by CENT here. The core accouncments are:

Youtube video: CENT - Nvidia 2024 AI Event: Everything Revealed in 16 Minutes

  • The new Blackwell GPU with 1000x compute and FP4
  • NVLink 5 @ 1.8TB/s
  • Omniverse for robotics AI simulation
  • Omniverse for warehouse simulation and robotics co-operation
  • Jetson Thor as the next gen robotics engine

The entire keynote gives me a vibe of Nvidia turning into what IBM was - mainframe and proprietary solution. But worse. Almost everything that underpins the social fabric of the world has Nvidia in some parts of it. Manufacturing, logistics, robotics, much of the cloud, and AI. And project Groot, which enables robots to learn real world tasks from humans via text, video and emulation. Talk about how this can possibly go wrong.

That's way too much power for a single company.

Now I'm seriously thinking if I should find a new job. I can't support this wholeheartedly. But also knowing Nvidia could become Arasaka from Cyberpunk 2077, it feels like the safest place to be.

Gonna head back to work and think about this later.

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