My Vodka teir list

I've been trying different Vodka brands for a while now and I've come up with a teir list of my favorites. My perference for Vodka is that it should be smooth and not have a strong taste what so ever. I drink Vodka straight and use it as fuel for writing stupid code that is too hard for me usually.

Good Vodka:

  • Belvedere - Really clean. Easy to drink even at room temperature. My favorite right now.
  • Smirnoff - Not as clean as Belvedere but still very good, and cheaper. I get this when I want to save some money.
  • Absolut - Popular brand, clean-ish. I can see why people like it but not for me. I go for this if I can't find Smirnoff/Belvedere and I want to be safe.

Horrible Vodka:

  • Absolut Citris - I tied and it's meh.. I rather add real lemon juice to Absolut. You don't taste the lemon when drinking it straight anyway.
  • Stoli - Strong taste, difficult to drink straight even sip by sip. Tolorable when cold.
  • Finlandia - No. Strong taste, same as Stoli. I can't drink this straight. Sweet for some reason. I managed to finish the bottle by dinking it when I'm already drunk.

For mixers. I usually use Coke Zero (Vodka alreay has plently of calories) or coffie. With a dash of Gin. I call it the poor man's long island ice tea. I also like Vodka with some cold tea. Either case, it gets you drunk fast. And that's what I need to unleash the "fuck it" mentality. Coding is hard, espically when working on stuff that has never been done. LLMs like ChatGPT has helped people to find knowledge for things done before. But they don't help at all when the subject is novel.

Obviously I'm under the influence right now.

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