These are posts I have written. A lot of them are for self amusement. Feel free to send me a message if you have thoughts or questions. They are written in the Gemini text/gemini format. Then rendered to HTML. The same content is avaliable on my Gemini capsule gemini:// [What is gemini://?]. In fact I encourge you view them through a Gemini browser (like this one) for the best experience. An Atom feed is also avaliable.

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2021-12-11: Understanding Drogon's threading model

Drogon[1] is a fast C++ web app framework. It's fast in part by not abstracting the underlying threading model away. However, it also causes some confusions in our userbase. It's not uncommon to see issues and discussions about why responses are only sent after some blocking call, why calling a b...

2021-12-01: Runing the Jami daemon - Not missing messages with Jami

Jami is a very cool distributed instant messaging program under the GNU project. The same GNU that brings you GIMP, glibc, Octave and much more. Jami clients communicate through the OpenDHT distributed hash table. However, the DHT only stores your message briefly. Thus, you miss your messages if y...

2021-11-14: On privacy and tech development - Martin's Capsule

Modern software (espically from cooperations) are a privacy concern. Why in the world would a video conferencing program wants to know the spec of my PC and when I'm using it. And it's never opt-out. I think this in an unfortunate fact of competition between tech companies for their market dominan...

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